Every business owner, marketer or just someone who works online needs great resources. I have used and recommended every resource on this page. Many of the resources listed I still use today to run my business.

Before reviewing resources an important disclosure:

Some of the resources below are free and some are not. Some are affiliate products and resources that I get paid a commission for at no extra charge to you. I only recommend tools and services that I have experience with.


“Email marketing software the way it should be.”

Emails don’t work, unless they get opened. ConvertKit allows you to send relevant information to your audience by recording information that they share with you. Start engaging with your audience through email!


“It’s time to fire makeshift marketing.”

When you need to organize your website content, email campaigns and social media marketing there is no better place than CoSchedule. 

Member mouse

WordPress Plugin for your membership website

Your members should have the best online experience possible. MemberMouse allows your members to have just that. 


“Personalize your customer onboarding”

Are you selling a product online and want to share a special thank you? Try sending a personalized video minutes after the order comes in.


“Track time, bill clients, forecast your revenue, and stay profitable.”

After using free invoice templates and managing my accounts manually through Excel, I finally made the switch to Harpoon. Let me know if you are interested in me showing you how I use Harpoon.

a2 Web Hosting

“High Powered Web Hosting For Your Unique Needs!”

If you are just getting started and you need to to host your first website, I highly recommend A2’s shared hosting plan that starts off at less than $10/month. 


“Easy Affiliate Marketing & Instant Affiliate Network”

Your customers are your biggest advocates for your product. Use LeadDyno to manage your affiliate marketers and increase sales.


eCommerce Solution

Great, all in one shopping cart website. Do you have a product that you want to sell, but don’t know how to create your own shopping cart? This is a great option for you.

G Suite

“Collaboration & Productivity Apps for Business”

Hosted emails are not the only thing that Gmail offers your business. Connect your calendar, documents and files. 


“Where Work Happens”

Are you tired of email? Always looking for the right information for a project that you are working on? Slack has helped cut down on the constant emails back and forth between me and my team. One of my favorite productivity apps that I use every day.


“Shipping Software for Ecommerce Fulfillment”

Manage and ship all of your orders in one place with ShipStation. Designed to save you money and time on all your orders.


“Create and Sell Beautiful Online Courses”

Teachable allows you to turn your audience into a classroom. If you are teaching someone how to knit or how to repair a small engine, you can use Teachable to educate your audience online. 

Check out their “7 Steps to Launch Live Webinar


Find your next deal here!

I have found a bunch of great tools and resources on AppSumo. It is great to be able to test something out for a long period of time and know that it is going to be the right tool for me. 

Hike SEO

“SEO for Startups & Small Businesses”

If you are a beginner or someone who doesn’t want to pay an SEO agency to manage how your customers find you online, then Hike is a great solution for you.


“The Best Desktop Email Client for Gmail and Outlook.com”

If you are like me, you have several Gmail accounts that you constantly switch back and forth between. After trying every free option available I realized that the only way I would be productive, would be to purchase shift and manage all of my email addresses in one place.


Some Cool Thing About It

All you ever want to know


Some Cool Thing About It

All you ever want to know

Story Chief

Some Cool Thing About It

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Some Cool Thing About It

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