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Connect with your customers in real time.

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Why ChatBots?

Show your customers you care about their questions

Think back to the last time you sent a message to a business. Whether this was an email, text, or chat feature, what was the first thing you expected? A response.

By having a chat tool on your website, customers can feel validated instantly with answered questions and a personal connection. Before we dive in, why don’t you give it a try?

Check the bottom right of your screen…

“What I love about working with Jeremy is that he knows so much about the latest tools, and can always help with the technical issues that are troubling me. But he is also a great strategist, and can see new avenues for reaching clients that I hadn’t considered.”

Tracy Maxwell – Healing Coach & Author – www.iamtracymaxwell.com

Making More Sales With

The Personal Touch

How obvious is it when a company sends an automated response? Pretty obvious. Customers prefer to talk to a real person, and I am here to tell you how that is easier than ever before.

This chat tool notifies you when someone sends a message so you can respond right away. Or, when you are offline, you can set it to respond with answers you wrote to common questions. I will walk through the process of creating these in your words and for your audience.

Now, when a customer asks a question, they will feel a greater connection to you and your brand through a simple interaction.

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